Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the first official post

So....even though this is Bekah and Brad's blog, this is Jen, and I am a little over-eager for Bekah to get started on her new blog. Blogging is the greatest thing I have discovered in a very long time and I have been getting carried away with it on my own blog (as my husband has informed me), so I am putting my blog energy to (hopefully) good use.

I think when it comes down to it I am just desperate to keep in contact with Bekah as much as possible since she is leaving Utah for Pennsylvania in just a few short days. We already have some ideas in the works: Brad consented to switch over to verizon so Bekah and I can now have free minutes, the blog is a great way to stay connected with pictures and random stories, and...who doesn't want to take trips back east as often as possible?

So Bekah...this is for you. I love you and am excited to see what future posts come from this blog!