Monday, April 27, 2009


Chase likes them...

And here's silly Nick in my glasses. Doesn't he look smart? Isn't it awesome that adult size hats and glasses fit him? Us and our big heads!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We celebrated Easter with the Goldie clan in Ohio this year, and my-oh-my was it ever fun (can you tell I didn't know how to end that sentence?). Chase was slightly more thrilled about it than he appeared in this picture,
although not much, but only because he was suffering from a double ear infection (which I didn't know until we got home -- I promise, Goldie's, he usually is a very happy baby!).

We all did our fair share of lounging around in our underwear... and flexing our muscles....
and singing kid songs with Grandma (who really writes the BEST kid songs/stories -- look for her in your local bookstore in the near future)...
and wrestling with Grandpa.... Okay, so maybe only Nick and Preston did these things, but we all wanted to.

Meet Brennan. I do believe this is his first appearance on my blog. This little red-head (jealous) is Mindy and Phil's third child and is 2 months younger than Chase. Lest you think he is always in a cage, let me assure you, he is not. On Friday we drove to Colombus and went to COSI, a kids science museum. It was FANTASTIC! We will most certainly be going back. Anyway, this picture was taken somewhere at said museum, as are the following few:

Miranda in front of COSI, possibly expressing how she felt about us invading her room, home, and privacy for 4 days.

Mallory and Ella, holding up the moon, as usual. Aren't they pretty?

Preston. This kid is a riot. I like him.

Chase, climbing on stuff that was not meant to be climbed on. He's been doing that a lot lately.
Nick and I got to crawl down into a submarine and pretend to drive it. Nick loved it. I was a bit freaked out. it was very...small.

The 5 Goldie grandkids in the water room: Nick, Ella, Preston, Chase, and Brennen.

Debbie and Brad assisting Nick in trying to piece together a Mr.Potato Head with oversized gloves on. I forget what the scientific significance of this is, but I'm sure there was some, right?
Ella and Nick waiting to enter a space ship. Isn't Ella so pretty? She and I watched High School Musical over the weekend (I had never seen it), and she sat and cuddled me on the recliner almost the whole time. I was in heaven. Love this girl.
This is how Chase felt about all the things that Nick was allowed to do that he wasn't.

It's been a long-standing tradition in the Goldie family to receive a kite in your Easter basket. Grandpa Jeff helped Nick launch and fly his on Easter afternoon after church.

All was going along swimmingly until this happened...
Never fear, Grandpa to the rescue!

After that excitement, Nick decided to fly his kite INSIDE, with the help of Brad.

This is how Chase felt about the whole kite-flying scenario...

Nicholas Goldie, meet Nicholas Goldie. Brad's double cousin also named his son Nicholas, and the two boys met for the first time this weekend. Here are the name-twins.
As we were packing up to go home on Monday morning, I put the two boys in the recliner to watch Signing Time while I cleaned things up. Can you see why my heart melted when I walked by and saw this?
Here's a closer look:

I love that my two boys LOVE EACH OTHER, and I hope it always continues. It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.
Incidentally, this weekend marked SIX YEARS from the first time I went to Ohio to meet my future in-laws as Brad's fiance. How grateful I am and how much I love this family!

Friday, April 10, 2009


As a self-proclaimed "non-creative" person, I was inspired by this today (it's only about a minute long, set to music, just watch it!:). You can find it on the LDS church's website here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the Streets of Philadelphia...

Okay, not so much in the streets, mostly in Tim and Katie's beautiful house, but don't you just love that song?

We headed to Philly this past weekend to watch conference and hang out with Tim, Kate, Jack, and Calahan. What a delightfully lovely time we all have together. Katie and I fantasize about being next door neighbors someday so that we can have times like this all the time. There is a distinct possibility that they may move far away this summer, a thought that fills me with dread! Having them be so close has been my saving grace as I've adjusted to the many changes life has brought over the past two years, and I'm not quite sure that I'll survive without them! I just try not to think about it. Isn't that the healthy way to deal with things? Anyway, on to picture fun. As always, the actual good pictures were taken by Kate. I'll post those first.

Nicky boy


Hurray for 4 BOY cousins! This picture just about says it all!


Cal and Chase jumping on the couch in the sun room.

There's a smile!
I walked into the kitchen and adorable Cal was just chillin' in the laundry basket, eating his fruit snacks. Katie said this is a normal occurence. Too cute.

On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt! Here are the dads with the 'babies.'

Nick with his loot from the hunt. He was a happy camper!
This was Chase's first experience at such an event. He was a big fan.

Sharing his eggs with Mommy. I trained him well. :)

In an effort to maximize the time we have left together being only 3 hours apart, they are coming to visit us at the end of April, and then we are going back 2 times in May! Good thing gas isn't $4 anymore! We love this family!