Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Family photos

We had, what could quite possibly be, our last family photo shoot in the history of the world while we were in UT in July. I say that only because my husband H.A.T.E.S getting pictures taken more than probably anything in the world. He whined way more than my kids did all day and the whole two weeks leading up to it. I promised him this would be our last family photo shoot until our next child is 2 years old -- but because he's still insisting that there is no "next child", this photo shoot might be it, folks. At least until Cora's 10 years old and all the kids can be sufficiently bribed to participate well (although Brad might need the bribery more than they do). 

Thanks, as always, to Katie for helping to coordinate our outfits, making my kids smile, and putting up with Brad's our whining. I love the finished product!!

Photos taken at the Salt Lake City library, in downtown Salt Lake.