Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now this is real...

My best friend, Jen, and I have recently discussed the fact that blogs only showcase the "perfect" of people's lives, which is understandable and justifiable because who wants to put their problems out there for all to see? Well, today, apparantly I DO!

Today I hate:

-PhD programs
-That the Deans are still out of town
-That the Deans are moving in December
-That the Souza's moved
-Feeling like a single parent
-Feeling like an inadequate parent
-All things "home-makey" -- so NOT my forte
-Being students for THE NEXT FOUR YEARS
-My back that always hurts
-Feeling homesick
-Everything about renting
-Cigarette smoke
-Car Seats
-Stubborn baby weight
-Not being able to NOT care what others think or compare myself to others
-Never feeling caught up
-AND NOW, the reason for all this hating today, I HATE PMS (sorry to my boy blog readers who now feel a bit uncomfortable...if I have any boy blog readers).

If you're lucky enough to be reading this, then good for you, 'cause I'll probably be really embarrassed by it tomorrow and will erase it.

Sounds like I need to go play the piano, read my scriptures, and pray for a very long, long, time. Someone please make me feel better and tell me you have days like this too?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 whole years!

Aren't cheesy, posed, wedding pictures the greatest? If only Katie were in business back then! I can't believe it's been 5 years since Brad and I got married! Since I've sung his praises many a'time on this blog, I thought I would just tell him I LOVE HIM and give a brief synopsis of the major happenings in our coupleship over the last 5 years.

*August 2003 -- We got married and moved into our Provo, UT apartment to finish our senior years at BYU.
*June 2004 --Graduated from the good ol' B-Y and moved to Denver, Colorado for Brad's first job as an actuary.
*January 2005 -- Discovered we were pregnant with baby Goldie.
*September 2005 -- moved to SLC, UT, bought a cute little red-brick home in Sugarhouse, and I had 22 blissful months of living close to my friends and family and Brad had 22 months of the job from He**.
*October 2005 -- NICHOLAS ALLEN GOLDIE joined our family and changed our lives forever.
* May 2007 -- Discovered we were pregnant with baby Goldie #2.
*August 2007 -- Decided that said job from He** was not working out for us and moved to Pennsylvania so that Brad could spend 5 years getting his PhD in finance.
*January 2008 -- CHASE CLARK GOLDIE joined our family and added to our bliss.
*August 2008 -- I celebrate 5 years of being married to my best friend, and reflect on how much has happened, how much we've changed individually and as a couple, and how I know what it is to be in love NOW, on this day, more than ever before. There have been good times and bad, happiness and sadness, but I'm blessed to be married to someone who knows that marriage takes work and priority, and that all of our joys and trials have only made us stronger. Here's to eternity with you, Babe. All my love --
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My little Chase

So I am the luckiest girl in the world to have not one but TWO sister-in-laws that take awesome photos. Katie took Chase's 6 month pictures today and I LOVE THEM! Here's a sneak peak -- more to come. And check out Katie's photo blog and photo website -- links are on my side bar. She's awesome! I don't know why they're different sizes. I'm stealing these unedited. I'm on my parents computer so I'll fix it when I'm home. I think his face in the one with me is so classic Chase -- like "what in the world is going on?"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


a V A C A T I O N to Utah should consist of time with family, visits to the zoo, Wheeler Farm, Millcreek Canyon, Park City, the childrens museum, and lots of yummy food. Instead, this is what we've been dealing with the last couple days:

That's right, folks. Poor little Nick has an ear infection AND strep throat!! When we went to the doctor on Monday his temperature was 102 degrees on tylenol! So not cool. Literally. Needless to say, if your almost-three-year-old has to get strep throat, Granny and Grandpa's house in the place to do it! He has been spoiled with love, popsicles, shows, and anything else he could possibly need. And I have been spoiled with N A P S to make up for our last two extremely sleepless nights! Looks like he's coming out of the woods though, and I do believe we'll be attempting Park City tomorrow! Seriously, thank Heaven for penicillin!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We L O V E summer!

So I realize that my blog is always about my kids, but what do you do? That's my life. And I love it. We have had so much fun this summer! Now that it's August I'm already starting to get a pit in my stomach thinking about the upcoming winter. I hate cold and I hate being couped up in my house. So until then we'll be patronizing Spring Creek park, Whipple Dam, Bald Eagle reservoir, Welch pool, the neighborhood playground, and the library. And my house and my cooking will continue to be neglected and forgotten. Hurray for summer!

Brad's 17-year-old sister, Miranda, came to stay with us this past week and we had a blast! Miranda is one amazing girl. She is super smart and talented (singing and piano) and we loved having her here. She was like a live-in nanny/maid for me (always a good thing) and was constantly helping out and cleaning up. Last Saturday she heard me spout off my list of stuff to clean to Brad and the next time I came downstairs she had done half of the things on my list! She also changed diapers (and not just the wet ones, either), was a horse for Nick to ride on, and made Chase laugh his head off by taking him on adventurous rides every time he was in his stroller. Nick affectionately calls he "Arana" and has asked about her every day since she left on Thursday. On Monday (her 17th birthday) we went to Del Grosso's, an amusement park about 45 minutes from here. Tuesday we spent way too much time in the car driving to Lancaster and the outlet malls, and on Wednesday I made her watch some movies she hasn't seen that I consider classics (i.e., Pride and Prejudice...the A&E version--so not a fan of the Keira Knightly one...Mr.Hollands Opus, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail). Thanks for the fun time, Miranda. Come back soon!

Little Chase man just a'swinging away.

I know I always blog about Nick's crush, Morgan, but I have yet to mention her beautiful little sister, Mikayla. She's about 6 weeks older than Chase and they are fast becoming best buds...if that's possible for 6 and 7 month olds!

Instead of running away when I try to take his picture, Nick now makes this lovely face. I seem to remember my little brother Daniel doing the same thing when he was younger. Classic. Here he is feeding the ducks.
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