Friday, August 13, 2010

You'll never guess where I went last week...

Are you one of those people that loved high school? You know, those people? :)
I am not. I loved junior high, but high school just didn't do it for me. I had great friends, I was involved, but I do believe that there was no one happier than I was on graduation day. I even remember, on said graduation day, thinking that I would never go to a reunion, trusting myself to keep in contact with those I wanted to keep in contact with. This resolve went even deeper in February, when I found out I was pregnant. Who goes to their reunion 6 months pregnant? 

Well folks, never say never.

Everything changed when I found out that this lovely lady (aka, my best friend and sister-in-law) was put in charge of the reunion...
And my resolve was further broken when I found out some of my best friends from high school were going to be there (whom I don't get to see very often because most of us live out of state)...

Soooo, to the reunion I went, in all my pregnant, puffy-bodied glory. And it was lovely. The venue was awesome, the food was great, and Katie and Syd (her co-chair) and their committee did a great job.

(this is Tim's hairy arm, not mine -- just in case you were worried)

Photos, of course, by Kate.