Saturday, November 28, 2009

New family photos...

The magical Katie took our pictures this week! Here they are:

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Hurray for the Christmas season!

Friday, November 20, 2009


1-The other day my mom treated Nick to a date at Shivers (a local fast food joint). On the way there she asked him what he wanted, to which he replied "A grilled cheese snawich." My mom told him that was fine but then listed all the other choices so that he could make a well-informed decision (hamburger, cheese burger, hot dog, corn dog, or chicken nuggets). Nick's response to this was "Granny. I want two ingredients: bread and cheese!"

2-My kids use sign language pretty well which is great for me (because I know the same signs they do) but can be a bit frustrating for other people watching them (who are left guessing). My mom was watching the kids tonight when Chase started signing something by rubbing his fingers of one hand on the palm of his other. When my mom asked Nick what Chase was signing, Nick said "It means his hand itches and he's scratching it!"

3- Nick's been mentioning more and more the last few months how badly he wants a baby sister (no, this is not an announcement). While playing with my mom a few days ago he randomly said:

"When Chase is older my Mommy's gonna have me a baby sister."
Granny: Well what if she has a baby brother?
Nick: Well that would be Chase's baby brother 'cause I already have a baby brother.

**Side note: For those of you who may be worried about mine and Nick's relationship because of this post, let me reassure you that things are getting better. :) I'm trying to make sure we have more positive interactions than negative ones. Today while he was having his TV hour I came and sat by him. Because he was in TV-la-la land, he let me pull him onto my lap and hug him and kiss him. I studied his facial features, his hands and feet. I saw myself in him, I saw Brad in him. I love getting to know this little human and discovering all the things that make him, HIM. Love that boy.