Monday, March 17, 2008


8 things about N I C K ...

1) If I had to choose one word to describe Nick it would be
i n t e n s e. This might sound negative, but it's not. While he does intensley fight for what he wants, he also intensley hugs, plays, helps, and l o v e s!

2) More than anything or anyone in the world, Nick loves his daddy!

3) I think if Nick could have his way, he would do nothing but eat chocolate and watch TV all day!

4) Nick is shy around strangers and cautious about everything. But when he's comfortable he's
L O U D and hilarious!

5) Nick loves his b a b y b r o t h e r. He has yet to say or do anything unkind to Chase and consistently smothers him with attention and love.

6) Nick loves CURIOUS GEORGE and constantly reminds me of him! He also loves the movies Cars and Toy Story.

7) Nick is and always has been B I G for his age. At his 2 year appointment he was above the 99% in height and weight. People can't believe it when I tell them he's not even two and a half yet.

8) Nick brings more j o y and h a p p i n e s s to our lives than words could ever express. We love our little Nicky Boy!

We tag (unless you're all tagged out): Allie Gomes, Berit Berstrom, Gracie Gardner, Marian Birk, Thomas and Emerson Clark, Carter Forbes, Bridger Schaffer, Jacob and Claire Jensen, all of my Dudley and Smith cousins, Oakcrest friends and anyone else who wants to write about their kids!
*photos by Kate
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Monday, March 3, 2008

b r o t h e r s

My two sweet babes...

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