Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm a guest blogger on Rachel, Write Here today.

You can check it out here.

And here's a photo...just because I can't possibly post without one.
Nick, in the digger part of some sort of construction truck at this year's 'Touch-A-Truck.'

Monday, July 11, 2011

I write blog posts in my head at least 3 times a week. Some are about my kids, some aren't. I actually have independent thoughts that don't revolve around motherhood. Amazing, I know. But as I'm trying to prioritize my life and give my kids a killer fun summer, I find that blogging is falling by the wayside, and when I actually sit down to do it, all I can muster is a boring update. But they're important to me, as this is the only place they're being recorded right now, so if I must, I must!

I missed blogging at Cora's 7 month mark. Here are some photos of her at 7 months:

 In her 7th month of life, Cora started sitting independently, mastered the plank position as well as downward facing dog, and became an expert at rolling half way under the couch and getting stuck. We tried her in the jumper seat (seeing as how it entertained Chase for hours on end when he was her age), but she could take it or leave it (so we left it -- no room!).

And here's my baby girl at 8 months, in the outfit Granny Shanny bought her before she even knew I was having a girl!

At 8 months, Cora is:
- Crawling and scooting backwards, much to her dismay! My boys didn't crawl until they were 10 months old, so even this backwards business is earlier than I was expecting!
- LOVES, well, ME! And I must admit that I love that she's a mama's girl. She wants me to hold her, cries if I walk out of the room, and showers me with cuddles and open mouth sucking kisses.
- Babbles, ba ba ba ba, all day long, and pats pats pats everything she touches.
- Is getting more and more of an opinion each day and lets me know when she does or does not like something.
- Refuses to be held any way but facing out. Loves to see the action going on around her.
- Has selective stranger anxiety, especially when she's tired.
- Entertains herself incredibly well, still loves her brothers and daddy, and has a sweet and happy disposition.
Can't believe my baby is 8 months old! I wish I could freeze her as she is right now!