Saturday, October 15, 2011

11 months...

Baby girl turned 11 months a few days ago. Lest I forget, I need to document some things:

-Cora makes me laugh every day. She's silly and random and already likes to play games. The other day I noticed that she had taken a few pieces of paper out of the garbage, left them on the floor, and crawled away. When I went to go pick them up a few minutes later, she was back and putting them back into the garbage can. She's in to everything and is busy and always makes a mess -- but at least she likes to clean up!
- She's not walking yet but is so close. She stands on her own for long peroids and walks along furniture.

- She still uses her feet to grab things, especially when she's laying on her back.

- She still eats baby food okay, but prefers real food. She loves our morning green smoothies and all fruits. She also loves noodles and yogurt. She's not too fond of veggies or bread or milk (which I know I'm not technically supposed to give her yet, but I cheat a little).

-Cora loves LOVES her brothers. She smothers them with hugs and kisses.

- We'll get her stats next month, but the girl is big for her age (in true Goldie fashion). She's already in 18-24 month clothes.

- She babbles and baby talks all day long -- I'm pretty sure she says "da-da" and "book" in their correct context., maybe, sometimes. ;)

-Her favorite game is to climb to the top of the stairs and yell for me to come and get her. She laughs and laughs and does it over and over. She also loves to play peek-a-boo and she loves books.

Now, some photos:

 In one of her many silly moods...

 Messes, messes...

 My garbage sacks have since found a new home...

 She loves to climb up onto the art table...
 Putting the wipies away...
 My big 11 month old!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


 My biggest boy, my first born, my little helper, my dude with a 'tude had a birthday today.

Here's the 'tude I'm talking about--
 Wish this wasn't blurry -- anyone want to teach me how to use my camera? Pretty please?

 This is his first birthday where he's had to go to school. He didn't seem to mind but I was totally bummed. I like it when the whole day is dedicated to the birthday person. As it was, I made him pancakes for breakfast, ate lunch with him at school, took him to pick a book after school, watched him open presents, fed him his favorite dinner and dessert, took him to swimming lessons, and forced him to bed. I did let him have the day off of piano and chores, though. And we'll celebrate a bit more this weekend.
 Nick loves games. We have family game night every Sunday evening and he LOVES it!
 Sporting the birthday crown he got at school (and apparantly I let my kids sit on the table when it's their birthday)---

 The boy loves legos! But his favorite present was the huge crane my mom gave him. And of course I don't have a picture of it.
 Here are some random photos of him from the past year.

After much coaxing, he finally talked me into letting him get a buzz cut this summer. Nick loves to be outside, no matter the weather. I finally gave in after watching him sweat buckets in the heat over the summer. I didn't let him keep it but it might be a new summer tradition. I said might.
 Nick learned how to swim over the summer and now he's taking lessons to learn the strokes. He loves any physical activity.

 First jump off of a diving board (this was a huge deal for him. I may have mentioned a time or two or four hundred how he's scared of everything and everyone).

 A rare moment of happiness between the two boys. Someday I hope they like each other for more than 5 minutes a day.
 Nick has fallen in love with baseball over this past year. We went to a Bee's game while in Utah over the summer and he loved it.
 Nick's very into science right now and loves discovering new things.
He loves cotton candy but seems to be sensitive to sugar and gets a stomach ache if he has more than a few bites of something sweet. This is just fine with me and I'm glad he recognizes this and listens to his body.
 It's been a big year for Nick. Last night when I was decorating the house for his birthday I made a list of everything that's happened since he turned 5--

*Right after his 5th birthday he learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels. He LOVES to ride his bike and does so daily. I think it's given his a sense of freedom. The older and more independent Nick gets, the happier (and easier) he is (good for both of us!).
* Nick became a big brother again with the birth of Cora, and he's been such a sweet and attentive brother. Cora loves him and he adores her. He's such a great help to me!
* Nick started piano lessons and has progressed really well. I have to admit that I get so proud when I see him excel at this, but I'm trying not to be "psycho-music-mom". I'm really glad he likes it (most days).
* I also started teaching Nick to read using this book and he's doing great!
* Nick has lost 2 teeth and has 2 more that are loose!
* He's made some huge strides as far as his shyness is concerned. He really enjoys school and his swimming and piano lessons; he even sang and said his part in the primary program this year -- things that I had wondered in the past if I would ever be able to get him to participate in.
* Between the bike, the piano, and the teeth, I feel like we're really out of "little boy" phase and into
"kid" phase. Nick tries really hard to make good choices and do what's asked and expected of him. He has a very strong conscience and wants to please others (except for maybe at bedtime). He's still intense in every way and is learning how to deal with his very strong feelings. I love this boy and am so glad he's mine!
Happy 6th Birthday, Nick!! {photo, of course, by Katie}