Saturday, November 22, 2008

Loving my C H A S E

My baby turned 10 months old today. (Katie took this picture back in August when he was just over 6 months old). A very tired Nick went to bed at 5:30 this evening and Brad is gone watching the BYU-UTAH game with some fellow Y fans, so I got 2 hours to myself with my little Chase. We read books, watched Signing Time, played with toys, and crawled around together. Words cannot describe how blessed I feel and how much I love these boys of mine. I can't believe this baby is almost one...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nick's 3 year old pictures

I'm in Philly this weekend and Katie worked her magic again today with Nick. Check out my little 3-yr-old!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4th picture TAG

So I've,read...some people complain about TAGS on blogs, but I like them! I've been tagged twice recently, and thought I should finally catch up on at least one of them (no time to do both right now).

#1: Go to the 4th folder in your picture file and blog about the 4th picture. Then tag 4 people:
This is me with my favorite Nicky Bocker in my absolute favorite city. Rockerfeller Plaza, NYC, NY, Christmas 2006. Nick was 14months old. I had gone to visit Tim and Katie in Philly before meeting Brad in Ohio to spend Christmas with his family. A newly pregnant (with Cal) and sick Katie was kind enough to take me to NYC for the day because I've always wanted to see it at Christmas time. The two of us with our two boys stuck out like sore thumbs there! And the subway system is not very child-friendly. But I loved every second of it anyway!

I TAG (unless you hate tags): Katie, Mindy, Mistie, and Seriously So Blessed...
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