Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sometimes we read books in storage bins 

Sometimes we don't go to the store until our fridge looks like this
Sometimes we look adorable while playing in curtains
Sometimes we get really really really bored and resort to all sorts of silliness to cure our boredom
Sometimes we take self portraits
Sometimes it's hard to be 2
Sometimes whilst getting ready for Friday Family swim night we put our brothers swim diapers on our head
Sometimes it's still hard to be 2
Sometimes it's really hard to try something new for dinner

 And at least once a day, it's still hard to be 2
And sometimes Chase likes to take his diaper off before he falls asleep
Good Night...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I believe there are many important "firsts" in life.

I still [embarrassingly] remember my first kiss

I definitely remember the first time I saw Brad.

I remember the first moment[s] I found out I was pregnant

And the first moment of meeting my precious boys face to face

I remember the first moment I realized and knew that my religion was true.

And the first time I realized that I was doing exactly the right thing and exactly the right time.

But this week (and last week for that matter), I've been remembering the first time I tasted one of these:

Oh, Samoas. How I love them. Last Sunday I ate a whole box for lunch (give or take a few that I let my husband and kids have). I won't let myself buy more than two boxes per year. But everytime I see those darn girl scouts at my mall or my grocery store my mouth starts watering. Until next year, I suppose, until next year...