Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our little town claims to be the birth place of Memorial Day. Turns out that another dozen or so towns claim the same thing, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating. Every year there is a parade, craft festival, and carnival. This year Brad's parents came to see us and join in the festivities.

Nick has a very special bond with Grandpa Jeff. I think it's because he loves all the same things Grandpa Jeff loves, and Grandpa Jeff is always happy to include him in his activities. I caught them watching a nature show over the weekend and had to capture the moment. Nick is not what I would call naturally affectionate, which made this moment all the more special.
 Grandma Debbie was so helpful with Cora, and Cora loved her and all the undivided attention!

 My sweet Chase
 Brad is the only person in the world that Nick loves more than Grandpa Jeff! *Side note: Brad 'made' me cut the boys hair a couple of weeks ago, claiming that Nick looked too much like Justin Beiber. :)

 We've officially entered the "fake smile phase" with Chase. Oh, the joys.

 My happy happy girl...

Hope your Memorial Day was enjoyable and that you enjoyed some feet for dessert as well!