Sunday, February 6, 2011

Granny Shanny

Want to know how you can get your mother to come visit you twice in a two month period? Have a baby! Not just any baby, but a baby GIRL. And not just any baby girl, but a baby girl that looks a lot like your mother! We all love it when Granny Shanny comes to town! Nick drew this picture after she arrived. She's in the attic (he asked her if it was okay if he drew her there), below her is me, then Chase, then Nick, and laying on the ground is Cora. Brad's school is to the left and our garage (which we don't have but talk of and dream about often) is on the right.
 My mom made valentine sugar cookies with my kids, which means I don't have to do it with them next week for Valentines day, right??? :)

 This scenario is becoming all too familiar -- Chase gets really tired around 5:00pm and if I don't watch closely he puts himself to bed on the couch. The problem? He's up until midnight or later, even if he only sleeps for 10 minutes! He sure is cute, though...
 My dad joined us at the tail end of my mom's 8 day trip, and I think he held Cora for 72 hours straight (lucky girl!), only taking breaks to wrestle with my boys!
 Cora loved all the attention from Grandpa and Granny!

 How do I get my kids to smile in pictures, you ask? Simple: BRIBERY! :) Having my mom here was incredibly refreshing. I needed some help with some decorating around my house (one of her many talents) and it was so wonderful to shop with her and then come home and let her work her magic. We talk and laugh and watch HGTV and I am constantly overwhelmed at how blessed I am to have her and incredibly grateful for the love she shows me and my kids. It never gets any easier to say good-bye when my parents leave -- I cry everytime. They simply are the best.
 My mom helped me complete a project I've been wanting to do forever -- hand and foot prints on canvas to be hung in the toyroom.
 Chase thought this tickled!
 The finished product -- something I know I'll cherish forver!
 I have to admit that I kind of love when my boys sneak the camera away and take their own pictures! This is one I discovered that Chase took of his cute feet.
 This Nicky boy has grown up so much the past 6 months. He can ride a bike sans training wheels, loves school, begs to go to gymnastics, and has recently started piano lessons. We went to a kindergarten fair on Saturday and he got this "class of 2024 shirt." I am NOT ready for him to go to all day kindergarten next year. I thought I might be more ready after Cora was born, but I'm not. I hate the thought of him spending the majority of his wakeful hours with people I don't know. He's VERY ready, though, and I know he'll love it, even though I'll miss him!


Alisha said...

Auntie Shanny-- can you come visit us?? Looks like a blast, as it always is with you around!

Cute cute kids Bekah!

Shan said...

Thanks, Bek. I loved our time together, too. It is too sad to leave, though, but we seem to keep subjecting ourselves in order to see one another again. You are so dear!

joel and laura michelle said...

cora is GORGEOUS! i think she resembles chase. mom time is the best. your parents are incredible for coming out so much and being incredible grandparents. love you guys!

Douglas Family said...

Sending the first off to kindergarten is rough and I think it is so strange that we spend 5 years being very cautious about who they are around - teaching stranger danger and then send them off to a school full of strangers. When the day comes, call me if you need to talk! Now with Claire I am really excited - but that could have a lot to do with her personality. I don't worry at all about her holding her own.

Amy said...

We love Granny/Auntie Shanny too!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Family visiting is the best. That picture of your kids with your parents is adorable! How did you get the kids too all look at the camera and not just that but look good! And we did a similar project last year - a canvas with all our hand prints and we put "helping hands are happy hands" and then one of all of our footprints that said "faith in every footstep" and I framed them and hung them on the wall. Definitely a treasure, yours looks like it turned out cute too!

Ryan and Steph Dudley said...

Can't get over how beautiful all your kids are!. So nice to have your mother around - even just for the company! Hey, I was hoping you could do me a favor. I would love to see Tim and Katie's blog but I don't have her email. I know you two are close, so if you could ask her to add me my email is Thanks a bunch!