Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A summer schedule

As excited as I was for Nick to get out of school it didn't take more than two days for me to be reminded of one very simple fact: MY.BOYS.FIGHT. And it drives me nuts. We only had about three weeks after Nick got out of school before we moved and we had a lot of "lasts" to cross of our list. Some days we were gone all day but other days we just had one activity in the morning or afternoon. I quickly learned that I HAD to have a schedule ready for the kids when they got up in the morning. If I kept them busy and they knew what was next, we were all happier. Here's a sample of our daily schedule:

And here's a picture of Cora in a basket, just because she's so dang cute:

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Amy said...

my boys fight like crazy too when they are all together! this is such a good idea and will really help me on saturdays and holidays when Will is off school.